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We have expertise in Oracle 11g database XML DB. It has many features including XML storage options. XML Storage binary is a completely new to this version.


OOP has become AOP:
AOP has become more useful paradigm now. We have expertise in AOP programming and separating cross cutting concerns.

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                  SANKALPA employees are involved in a wide range of projects, depending on the current activities and on the interests and capabilities of the individuals in question. The comapany is extremely selective in its hiring, and can give serious consideration only to individuals having extraordinary intellectual capabilities, communication skills, and general "real world" competence.

If you are interested in being considered for a position at SANKALPA, please submit your CV online. You'll be asked to fill out information sheet to help us collect certain additional data required to supplement your CV. If we think there might be a good match between your background and our needs, we'll schedule a phone interview, which may be followed, if appropriate, by one or more in-person interviews at our office and, finally, by the collection of references. If you are not currently located in India but wish to return to or move to India for employment, we'll make alternative arrangements for your interviews.
Or you should send your resume to careers@sankalpasoftware.com